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Re: [Tigers] The real reasons I wanted to post

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Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2010 08:19:45 -0400
    I don't always know more but I will raise concern when I see a possible
problem.   The jacking points maybe fine for lifting vertically but put a
side load on them and I raise a concern.   I have seen many a jacking point
that is bent and it is not very hard to push then around with a bit of
leverage.   The main idea here is to work safely and not have you or the car
crushed unexpectedly for lack of forethought.

Ron Fraser

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The Alpine / Tiger jack will lift a wheel off the ground with the engine in
the car. (I have more faith in the mounts than the jack...)

It's over. The car spent 6 months on and off the rotisserie and body cart
during the rebuild. No engine or rear end, just the body shell. Same mounts.
No problems. If the jack is part of the same frame assembly as the cross
member it should be close to being as strong. The bolt is far from small,
1/2" UNF. Besides, how does one attach the rear; you need both to flip the

I hesitate to disagree with someone who probably knows more than I do, so
I'll leave it this way: it worked for me. No guarantees that it'll work for
anyone else.

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