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Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2010 11:49:54 -0400
Just make sure that the bottom hose you buy has the internal spring
support included. Otherwise it will collapse due to the heat and suction
and can starve your engine of vital coolant. Save your old hoses if just
for the internal spring support.

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Subject: [Tigers] Tiger Cooling Hoses

Hi Spook,

According to my records, The Tiger cooling hoses can be made from the

Dayco  627
NAPA  7459
Dayco  70627
Dayco 71015
Dayco CH 666

Ford  KM 178
NAPA 7746 or 7776 or 8205
Gates  20753 or 21034
Autozone M-065.

Expansion Tank
NAPA 8205
Dayco 71218 or 70531
Discount or Advance Auto Parts C 71218.

John Logan
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