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[Tigers] MKII / Six Bolt Clutch Slave Cylinder Setup

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Subject: [Tigers] MKII / Six Bolt Clutch Slave Cylinder Setup
From: "Would U. Believe" <mcdangerous@verizon.net>
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2010 21:30:27 -0400
> Hi all.  I have a question about the clutch cylinder setup on the MK2/289
> bolt bellhousing.  I have the MK2 clutch slave cylinder bracket and the
> slave cylinder, so that9s a good start.  But because the clutch fork is
> different from the older 5 bolt housing9s clutch fork, I9m wondering if the
> 3actuating rod2 from the slave cylinder is also different, or if the 2609s
> part will work.    Does anyone know?  Thanks.  ( I hope that all makes some
> sense!)
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