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To: drmayf@mayfco.com
Subject: Re: [Tigers] Batteries
From: Steve Laifman <slaifman@socal.rr.com>
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2010 11:33:30 -0700

For many years I had been using a battery charger (Sears) that is also 
supposed to be a trickle charger.

When I first got the Tiger it had the prevalent lead-acid battery.  When 
it needed replacement I purchased the Optima gel sealed battery.  
Warning, the Optima "Deep Cycle Marine Battery" is NOT recommended for 
auto use. It now costs about $150 (on line), but but it is worry free. 
At Summit Racing they carry various models from $160 and up.


Read about "Trickle Charging":


I have now got all my cars using this red top Optima battery.  When not 
in daily use, I plug all of them into an "Battery Tender", NOT a 
"trickle charger" when parked in the garage. This device has a 
quick-disconnect in the line between  and the AC powered Battery 
Tender.  Just plug it in when in the garage.  (Oh, yes!  Disconnect it 
before you back out of the garage.  <8>).

It has been a great device.  

Steve Laifman



drmayf wrote:
> Sandy!  Your second paragraph is so very true, lol.  I have a Black 
> and Decker (Vector) and for a long time I thought it was broke.  If 
> the battery was down, it always wants to desulfate it forever. So I 
> charge it up with my trusty old stand by and then if I hook up the 
> B&D, it says full charge, lol... and still does nothing... maybe if 
> the voltage is more than 12 volts...  which ones did you get for 
> 29.99? I may need a couple of new ones..
> mayf
> Sandy Ganz wrote:
>> I just got 2 of the  Harbor Freights for 7.99 on sale last week. Will 
>> see how they work. I also got a couple of high tech ones they sell 
>> for 29.99 but not sure how they will work, they are a combo charger 
>> and floater.
>> One trend that I'm disturbed by on most of the high tech chargers is 
>> that that will not charge a flat dead battery. I have some Odyssey 
>> brand chargers and some Vector chargers and they will not charge a 
>> battery that is dead. I have to pull the 20 year old Schauer Charger 
>> on them to give them a start and the 'high tech' chargers can take over.
>> Sandy
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>> From: Jerry & Maureen (Mo) <JCMC2006@suddenlink.net>
>> Sent: Wed, July 21, 2010 2:19:02 PM
>> Subject: [Tigers] Batteries
>> List,
>> Some of you might remember some time ago there was a discussion about
>> batteries and chargers.  I made the comment about the cheap "float" 
>> charger
>> that Harbor Freight sells (I've seen as low as $4.99) that I have 
>> been using
>> for about 10 years.  This months Hot Rod magazine (Oct10) has an article
>> about "gel cells" and on page 76 you can see what I was talking 
>> about.  Some
>> good info on batts also.
>> Jerry Christopherson
>> 9473187
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