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Re: [Tigers] head grooves?

To: drmayf@mayfco.com, "A. C. Tynes" <v8tracker@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: [Tigers] head grooves?
From: Sandy Ganz <sganz@pacbell.net>
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2010 11:36:22 -0700 (PDT)
Yeah, milling the heads and clear rebuilds will be the power gain and likely a
proper tune. BTW see if you find these groves on any Nascar motor... Anything
that has edges in the chambers is also bad, IMO. It's like the use of gapless
rings in the engine, some say they are worse then regular rings some say they
are not, but I have not seen anyone do A/B testing so it's not conclusive they
are any better. If Scientific repeatable testing is not done, it's all


I do know that I can rebuild my motor by putting
these tablets in my gas tank 
and pouring this special solution in the oil and
my engine will rebuild while it 

Cow magnets on my fuel line too, just
to be sure.


Lots of fun, but don't wreck a set of heads would be
my guess...


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Subject: Re: [Tigers] head grooves?

The other factor involved is
given less attention here. He milled the 
heads 0.060. That makes the squish
area physicaly thinner maybe more 
effective all by itself.  Increasing the
compresson ratio because of 
that also helps power output.  Now, it may be
that for sure he hit on 
something simple that does work. But, does it work
for all motors?  I 
too would like to see some additional data.  I would
actually like to 
hear the story of why he thought that would work in the
first place. Or 
some analyses showing that it would work.

I won't do it to
my aluminum heads on the race car though, lol.


A. C. Tynes wrote:
>Like many things, it seems to make sense and sounds very good.
Perhaps, too
>good to be true.
>I would love to see some independent test
results. Since the "inventor" has
>gone to the trouble and expense of getting
a U. S. patent, I find it hard to
>believe that he has been unable to afford
to get properly controlled tests
>done anywhere in the world. There must be
thousands of dynos and labs that
>could and would do the work.
anecdotal evidence also indicates that the "inventor" has done nothing
stop anyone from trying out his idea. If the effect is as dramatic as is
>claimed, I can't believe that no major racer is using it. What racer would
>not try such a cheap way to gain horsepower? 
>What say you, Dr. Mayf? Do
you think Singh grooves would this put you well
>into the 200 mph club?
C. Tynes
>New Orleans
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>>Subject: [Tigers] head grooves?
>>Has anyone
else heard of this or think there's any truth to 
>>what is being claimed
>>It is certainly an interesting theory...
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