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[Tigers] New Clutch Adjustment (Help/Advice Needed)

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Subject: [Tigers] New Clutch Adjustment (Help/Advice Needed)
From: "Would U. Believe" <mcdangerous@verizon.net>
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2010 07:38:56 -0400
OK, so I finally finished up the installation of the 289 engine and wide
ratio transmission into my MK1A.  This was a lot more trouble than I
imagined, to be honest.  People warned me how complicated the installation
of a Porsche engine would be, but I did that in no time and with no problems
at all when compared to shoehorning a SBF into a Sunbeam engine bay.  This,
on the other hand, was hell.  They really should give some kind of a medal
of honor to Carroll Shelby for never giving up and getting this done
initially! I chipped up my hands and arms to the point that it looked like I
must have been the survivor of a train wreck. Not only that, but just about
every technical hiccup or hold-up that could have happened, happened along
the way.  For example, reinstalling the crossmember was such a hassle that I
would probably never drop the engine from the bottom again. I still have
nightmares about that!  How frustrating it was.  Anyway, I am really happy
that it's in and finally over!

So, with it all finally in and ready to go, the fresh engine fired up
immediately and ran its first 20 minutes with no problem.  It sounds amazing
when compared to the 260.  I had said before that the stainless exhaust sold
by Sunbeam Specialties did not scratch my itch, but I may take that back.
On the 289, it sounds very nice indeed.  Of course, the story does not end
here. The clutch pedal feels really good with the new diaphragm clutch
suggested by Doug Jennings.  A huge improvement over the three-finger
design, IMHO.  H

HOWEVER, The gears will not go in with the engine running.  I can only get
it into gear with the engine off. With the engine running, the gears clash.
This, to me, indicates that the clutch is not releasing completely.
Considering it's a brand new clutch and the pedal feels good, I think the
issue is that the slave cylinder pushrod is not actuating the clutch fork
far enough to disengage.  Keep in mind that the slave is the same one used
on the 260 on a new bracket, and the bell housing and clutch fork (lever)
are the correct ones from the Mk2 Tiger -- but they have not been adjusted
in any way.  I have not had time to get under the car again to check now,
but I initially noticed about 3/4 inches of play between the large end of
the pushrod and the lever itself, which seemed to be excessive to me.  So
the question I have (finally!) is, are there any adjustments that I can or
should make?  If the 260 pushrod should be too short, is there another
pushrod that would work (and where would I buy that?)?

Thanks very much in advance for any and all advice!!!

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