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Re: [Tigers] Seat Back Spring Mechanism

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Subject: Re: [Tigers] Seat Back Spring Mechanism
From: " Ron Fraser" <rfraser@bluefrog.com>
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2012 10:46:47 -0400
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        Glad you are using the Parts List, more of us need to be using them,
but we have a problem with the English language and Brit speak terms.

        It would be extremely helpful for everyone when using the Parts List
to call out the PUB # and Issue #.   I have the 2nd issue of the Alpine List
handy but it does not have a pg YX28.  I have to pull up a pdf copy of the
5th issue to find that pg.  It is also extremely important to use the
description of the part in the Parts List; what you call a crank, the Parts
List may call a Pawl.  Language is everything for understanding our Little
British Cars.

Section YX, Plate B shows the seat exploded view.
Part 196 is the spring on the other side of the seat attached to #194-
return lever.
This spring attaches to the seat frame by a triangular shaped sheet metal
with a hook form - pop riveted to the frame.
Is that the info you need?

I can take a picture of what you are looking for if I have a better idea
exactly what you need.

Ron Fraser

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Subject: Re: [Tigers] Seat Back Spring Mechanism

Hi guys:

I'm in the process of replacing the interior (carpets and vinyl) in my
Tiger, and in the process discovered several interior "features" that have
either disappeared with time, been replaced with non-standard parts, or have

just broken and never been repaired.

I have already received great assistance from this list with the first
discovery: a passenger side false floor pan that didn't appear to fit
properly, and upon closer inspection was clearly a (poorly) modified pan
from an Alpine.

Next up was the revelation that there was originally fitted a gas pedal
"stop" that limits gas pedal travel and relieves the tension on the throttle

cable when at WFO. Who knew? Not me. Some research on the TU website, and a
photo I found of this piece gave me the dimensions I needed to make up a
reasonable facsimlie that fooled the wife when I showed it to her. (0:)

Next was the spring gear that moves the seat-back forward when the release
lever is lifted - mine doesn't. When I disassembled the seats to replace the

covering, I noticed for the first time the spring attached to the crank on
the oposite side of the seat from the release lever mechanism. But there was

no corresponding pin on the seat back to engage with the spring crank. Some
experimentation with quick and dirty pins and holes in the seat back plate
has one of them working, but I'm not sure if I have it right.

On the Alpine Parts List Plate B - Section YX28 is the exploded diagram of
the seats and related parts, but of course there in no view of this

My question: Can anyone tell me in which of the three holes in the plate
that holds this "pin" that engages the spring lever is mounted? Also, can
you tell me what this pin looks like?
Is it just a 5/16" bolt with a smooth extension that engages the spring

As always, many thanks for your help...



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