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Re: [Tigers] Fuel Lines and Fittings

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Subject: Re: [Tigers] Fuel Lines and Fittings
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Hi Karl, 

I might could help a little. I just replaced the stock system on my car with 
3/8 inch line and a new fuel pump in the trunk on my Mark 1A. Unfortunately I 
am not looking to get rid of any of that plumbing. 

You say you are looking for routing info. I gather the PO did not keep the 5/16 
lines and just cut off the connectors at the pump? If so are you looking to 
install all new 5/16 lines? I know there is a company that makes reproduction 
stock fuel lines for the Tiger and other classic cars. I do not know the name 
off hand but am sure someone on the List has that info. As I recall they are 
not cheap. 

The routing from the tank crossover tube to the pump takes a very contorted 
path as it works its way around the side of the Alpine spare wheel well, up the 
back side of the forward trunk wall, over the panhard rod and axle cavity and 
down and across to the pump. Without having an example to follow, I think it 
would be very hard and tedious to duplicate this section by hand. My car is 
just on jack stands and I cannot seem to get that piece out without cutting it 
somewhere in the middle. Something I am reluctant to do at the moment. When the 
car is running again, I will get the car on a lift and hopefully be able to 
snake that section out. 

If you are looking just to reattach a stock pump to the existing lines with 
some short sections of line and rubber hose, I think you will find that the 
pump connectors are BSP sizes and threads. I saw on another forum not long ago 
that there is a company in Indiana that carries a lot of those types of 
fittings and connectors. I can look for that if you like. Obviously you would 
need to know what to ask for, but supposedly the are very helpful people. 

Let me know what you would like in the way of specific photos and I will gladly 
see what I can do. 


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Subject: [Tigers] Fuel Lines and Fittings 

At some point my Mk1 was graced with a new fuel pump and the whole setup was 
changed. Now I'm trying to install a stock pump from Sunbeam Specialties, and 
have found that I don't have the right adapters or bracket. I'm desperate for 
any info anyone has on the stock setup, ie the adapter from the large pump 
intake and outlet, the bracket, fuel line path etc. Pictures of the stock 
setup would be greatly appreciated, as a 2 hour search only provided a single 
shot of the pump thru the trap door.Thanks,Karl 


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