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[Tigers] Fuel Lines and Fittings

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Subject: [Tigers] Fuel Lines and Fittings
From: Karl Adey <sunbeamkarl@hotmail.com>
Date: Sat, 18 May 2013 21:13:36 -0400 FILETIME=[16B6A360:01CE542E]
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At some point my Mk1 was graced with a new fuel pump and the whole setup was
changed.  Now I'm trying to install a stock pump from Sunbeam Specialties, and
have found that I don't have the right adapters or bracket.  I'm desperate for
any info anyone has on the stock setup, ie the adapter from the large pump
intake and outlet, the bracket, fuel line path etc.  Pictures of the stock
setup would be greatly appreciated, as a 2 hour search only provided a single
shot of the pump thru the trap door.Thanks,Karl


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