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 I'll reply to #3 and # 5.

#3  The fan you inquire about is C9DZ-8600-A catalog number and CF-C9DE-A 
manufacturing number.  While somewhat vague the reputed application is an 
early 70's Mavrick with an inline 6 cylinder and A/C.  I do not know it they 
are still available from Ford.  I spent YEARS (at least 10) searching self 
serve wrecking yards on a monthly basis before I found one.  If you have the 
stock Tiger water pump (or hub) the center hole needs to be enlarged.

A noted second option is the Volvo fan.  Again, a limited application it is 
a 5 blade asymetrical fan. The center hole is actually a bit too large for 
the Tiger hub. A bushing is needed or your ability to self center the fan 
( I generally rotate the fan and pulley in opposite directions to self 
center the bolt holes and have a second party tighten the bolts).  Having 
found myself the desired C9DZ-8600-A.  I now have three of the Volvo fans. I 
have a longer piece on the Volvo fan below.

#5  I believe most of the rack boot repair kits come with plastic zip ties. 
To me that is inadaquate.  Regular sized hose clamps are too large.  A lot 
of the 80's era Volvo's and BMW's used hose clamps that are the right 
diameter and are narrow enough to work.  The ends angle upward to resist 
biting into the rubber.

Below is a lengthy email I sent the list years ago regarding the Volvo fan. 
for those who care to read:

The fan will bolt directly to the stock Tiger water pump hub (1") without
modification. HOWEVER, the center hole size on the Volvo fan is 1-1/8th
inch. To center the fan the bolts can be brought just touching the fan, then
with a second helper twist the fan in one direction and the hub in the other
and then tighten. This will self-center the fan on the outside edges of the
bolts. A second caution here. My fan comes very close to the rack so, if you
motor mounts are old or spacers are missing you may still have to trim.
   If you are budget minded another advantage is cost. The fans I've gotten
at Pick A Part have been $7 (compare that to the $250 Maverick fan!). I
don't have the info in front of me, but I recall testing where the Volvo fan
was third behind the Derale and Maverick fans, but still ahead quite a bit
over the stock fan.

The words Volvo and FRONT are on the center piece (hub as I call it). There
are all "safety yellow" (though many are "dirty" black). The blades are
offset in pairs of three and two (asymmetrical). There are three rivets per
blade. The center hub is thick steel and the blades appear to be stainless.

Volvo's with the older push rod engine. Not all Volvo's of this time period
have the fan, in fact only a few. Most often it is the 142-144 (4cylinder)
or 162-164 (6 cylinder) models.
I did find a rare, but identical fan on an older Volvo 122.

The more common number from the 140-160 series is 683541. The two I have
also have IMP #'s OF 69 34 and 73 10 respectively (likely a date code).
The fan from the 122 has a part number of 653841 and a secondary number of

I can't attest to effectivesness as my 2 year Tiger "project" is now beyond
it's 4th year (strike that, now 13+ years - 2013).


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