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Date: Tue, 28 May 2013 14:54:51 -0400 (EDT)
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On your #5 issue.  If the clamps are rusted my guess is that  the fluid 
could have leaked from the rack.  I would suggest checking the  rack for fluid 
and possible damage (for lack of fluid) while you have things  apart.  I use 
stainless radiator clamps and they pretty much last a  lifetime if the 
screws are also stainless....not always the case.
Mark L
In a message dated 5/28/2013 1:22:36 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
jeff@feitmail.com writes:

Hello  all,

I've been on and off the Tiger list since 1998. To keep a  very long story
short, our car is a MK1A, B9471573. It has been in my  wife's family since
1970 (as the second owners) and in our care since 1998.  It is unrestored
(although it has been painted) and while it's a little  crusty and rough
around the edges it's "all there". original wheels, air  cleaner, tools,
manuals, service records, etc. The odometer shows around  85K miles but
considering it's propensity to break speedometer cables it's  probably more
like 90-100K. It has had the engine/trans out once for a  clutch in 1972 (I
have the pictures to prove it!)

It hasn't  been driven much in the last few years due to a move, building a
garage,  and an ever increasing collection of fluid leaks. I finally decided
to dig  in and go after all of the leaks; my plan is to basically reseal
everything  and avoid the "while-your-at-its" turning it into a big
production. I don't  want to get involved in a restoration, just keep it
drivable until the day  comes that I'm ready to tackle the  restoration

Since the rear main needs to be done  we've taken the engine and trans out
which was easy enough. Along the way  we've found a few things that I have
questions about (and I'm sure there  will be more):

1. The exhaust pipes were attached to the  manifolds with bolts. One of them
broke while it was being removed but it  was easily extracted. Looking at 
manifolds, the holes aren't drilled  and tapped all the way through, which
makes me think that it originally had  studs. Did the Tigers originally have
studs, and if so does anyone have the  dimensions? Are they Mustang
manifolds/studs or something  else?

2. When taking the engine out, the flat shields that go  between the engine
mount and block fell out along with two washers that  look like they were
spacers. It looks like the washers were between the  shield and block. Are
these washers supposed to be there? If so, which side  of the shield are 
supposed to go on?

3. I remember a  while back that a 6-bladed fan was one of the
recommendations to improve  cooling. Is this still available somewhere? 
I can't get the fan off  without removing the radiator, now is the time.
Other than blocking off the  horn holes are there any other things I should
do while it's  out?

4. A while ago the thermostat housing cracked. My fault  due to not having
the thermostat lined up all the way. At the time I needed  a quick
replacement so I used a cast iron part from a parts store. I'd like  to get
an aluminum one back on there. Is this a Mustang part or something  unique?

5.The clamps on the steering rack boots are rusted  through. Any source for


Jeff  Feit

Kennett Square,  PA



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