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[Tigers] A visit by Scott Drake and family

Subject: [Tigers] A visit by Scott Drake and family
From: "Jerry Mo Christopherson" <JCMC2006@suddenlink.net>
Date: Thu, 30 May 2013 14:31:50 -0500
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Scott Drake and family came to visit our little town of Tyler, Texas, two
weeks ends ago to see the progress on the 1964 =  project car,
affectionately called the Birthday Car.  He chose our Mustangs of East
Texas (MOET) Club to do the 50th anniversary Mustang that will be shown
around the country at the different Mustang clubs and will be shown at SEMA
this year.  It will then be sold at Barrett Jackson, with all proceeds to be
donated to the Down Syndrome Foundation.

When I talked with Mr. Drake, I suggested he make some parts for the Tiger.
The items I suggested were an original air cleaner, and a 15-tooth
speedometer gear.  He was very interested!  What he asked about the air
cleaner was how much did I think people would be willing to pay.  The
tooling is very expensive, and thus how many could he count on selling
would be the problem.  He was musing about costs of production.   He thought
it would be somewhere around $300 to $400,  mostly because of the low
production.  Any thoughts out there?

I also suggested he build motor mounts - the ones that have (for a lack of a
better explanation) a mechanical connection inside the rubber so they cant
come apart when the rubber fails.   I told him they would also work on
Mustangs (and other Ford engines of the time).   Im not sure just what
makes the Tiger mounts unique only to Tigers.  They all came from Ford.  At
least he could sell them to other people.

As for the speedo gear, I showed him a gear still in the NPD package, and he
knew right away who made the gear (not NPD), but thought that that company
might be willing to make the part.  And I dont remember the person or
company, but I could  find out if I sent an email to Mr. Drake.

Whats really cool is, after I showed him and his wife my Tiger, she says,
I have a Tiger!!    So, I dont know if anyone was aware that they owned a
Tiger - an early one (all round corners).  She didnt know what the serial
number was.  I suggested they join one or more of the Tiger Clubs, but I
think their plate is pretty full.

If anyone is interested,  you can look at Mustangs of East Texas and see the
project; and, if you look at Gallery (and scroll down), you can see
pictures of the Scott Drake visit.

Jerry Christopherson


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