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Re: [Tigers] Amp guage needed - relay question

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I am just about to put the water pump on as part of finishing the 347. Somehow 
I missed out on the info about this better water pump. I must be still in that 
ten percent never get the word I guess! 

This sounds like a great product. How well does it work for you on the 331? I 
have been running the reduced Fairmont pulley on the old 260. Should I go back 
to the stock pulley with this FlowKooler pump? 

BTW, I also will be using a new Griffin aluminum radiator. 


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Scott Drake is now re-popping the C4OE-6059-A (Ford Service Part # 
C4AZ-6019-A) timing cover for 5-bolt V8s. Claim to be concours correct. 


Also, have been using this high-flow water pump on the 331 stroker, easy to 
modify to Tiger pulley specs if you have a hand press and half the price of 
the Edelbrock unit: 



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Sounds like you are making some great progress, well done. 

Timing cover - the Tiger engine never used the oil spout on the timing cover 
- that hole was plugged until a new timing cover was introduced which 
eliminated that feature. 

The new timing covers on the market today require a cast iron water pump as 
far as I know. 

Ron Fraser 


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