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        The only unique thing about Ford timing cover is; there are 2 types
- one for the open impellor water pump, originally the aluminum pump, and
one for the closed water pump, originally the iron pump.  I believe both
types are being made now.  Some have the cast timing pointer, some have the
bolt on pointer.

Check the Ford part number on your part.

Timing cover for open impellor pumps have a deeper cavity for the pump.

Timing cover for closed pumps have a very shallow cavity for the pump.

All timing covers are made of aluminum.  You could have it fixed by welding.

Ron Fraser

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Subject: [Tigers] TIGER Timing Chain Cover

Hi All:

My TIGER Timing Chain Cover developed a tiny hole just under the thermostat
housing and is blowing coolant out in a steady fine stream. The cover came
off the original 260 and has been running on the 289 for 20 years and 60,000

Does any one know if there is anything unique about the cover on a TIGER or
will one from any 289 fit?



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