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Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2013 08:08:22 -0800
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After doing the recent Tigers United  Big Bear Tiger Quiz,

I found Wikipedia had some glaring misinformation on Tigers.

...not a lot of misinfo, but enough to make it worth attempting a fix.

It seems people are just copying text from books that are incorrect.

Because Wiki is a convenient source for info, I feel a bit of an
obligation as a Tiger fanatic

to remove info that I know is incorrect.

...and / or shed light on misleading info.

I recently made some changes that were immediately undone by 2

based on their beliefs in published "fact"....I assume.

So this is THE PLACE to sort out any misinformation, ...in my mind, to
start anyway.

...and POLICE the resources, as best WE can.

I know some of you have "been there and done that" with Wiki,

I guess it's my turn...with a little help, mostly on the weekends.

I would like to see the results of EACH of you checking Wiki for info you
KNOW is wrong,

And getting back to me (spmdr@juno.com).


...at this point, early on, even a BATTLE!

I don't know how log I can keep up the fight, but I plan to check Wiki
EVERY weekday morning

And defend the changes I made.

One problem is the way Wiki works, or as far as I'm concerned, does

I have not added MY ( as it turns out, the OLD info, Tiger- Mike Taylor,
BON) sources to the mix on Wiki.

...I have not taken the time to LEARN how to add other resources to the
list on Wiki.

...any help there would be GREAT.

I don't claim to have FIXED all the misinfo about Tigers but I have
started the task.

Thanks for the soap box..


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