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Not sure I understand the "big deal to replace it" comment.  This is a simple
procedure.  Just be sure to protect the paint from spillage when removing the
switch.  It takes a lot more effort to create a mount and change the wiring to
facilitate a mechanical switch.  Keep it simple.  And yes, Rick at SS has the
switch in the event the switch cannot be revived.

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There is a brakelight switch there, it is hydraulic and built into the brake
Its a big deal to replace it. The common solution is to install a mechanical
switch on the pedal assembly.
Here's some info.

Michael Shortt
I have no brake lights. The rear tail lights and turn signals work, so bulbs
or ground are not the issue. I can't find anything electrical associated with
the brake pedal. What actually activates the brake lights? Thanks!

BTW, Tigger was accepted for the Hilton Head Concours, first weekend of

Jim Pickard


Beaufort, SC


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