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[TR] Re: TR6 ignition switch assembly removal help needed

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Subject: [TR] Re: TR6 ignition switch assembly removal help needed
From: "Lumia, John" <>
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2006 15:13:12 -0600
Keith, if you need to remove the entire lock and ignition switch, then
either the dremel method or the chisel method will work.  But it may be
that the ignition switch is broken and is preventing you from turning
the lock mechanism.  If the ignition switch is gone, then you may be
able to remove it without removing the lock mechanism.  You should find
a very small phillips screw somewhere on the housing that is used to
secure the ignition switch to the lock mechanism.  I forget if the screw
is difficult to get at while in place on the car.  Then you can remove
it and see if the lock mechanism is still busted.  If not, then just
replace the ignition switch.

John - 76 TR6

Keith wrote:>>

Need your help. I have to replace the ignition switch/lockout assembly
on my 74TR6 as the innards disintegrated last Friday. (First tow in 10


I have the dash out and have access to the clamps but I have no idea how
to remove  the "bolts" off the clamps. They have no head or screw slot
and no visible means to unscrew them. I am nearly positive this is the
original unit. Does anyone have any idea how to get these out, or if
there is some sort of special tool to remove them? This car is going
nowhere till I figure this out.

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