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Rear Shock Conversion Frame Problems Part 1

To: triumphs@autox.team.net, 6pack@autox.team.net
Subject: Rear Shock Conversion Frame Problems Part 1
From: acekraut11@aol.com
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006 13:45:55 -0400
After trying to send this twice and not showing up I have gone to the Part 1 
and Part 2 solution, sorry....
   Hi List,
 I wanted to give the list an update on a frame problem that had developed on 
my car. If you would like to see pictures of what is described in this email, 
go to triumphowners.com/108 and click on the photo entries for Rear Shock 
Conversion Problems. 
 A year plus or so I installed a rear tube shock conversion kit from John 
Horton. I had used the kit with no problems for quite awhile but in late July I 
noticed a noise coming from the rear suspension and decided to see what the 
problem was. Looking through the wheels I could see the frame was cracked 
around the differential mounting bracket. I took it over to Rick's house and we 
put the car on the lift for an inspection. We discovered that where the frame 
and the differential bracket met there were quite a few cracks. Basically, 
every place that the frame met had either started to crack or most of them were 
all the way through. I believe the noise I heard was the differential mounting 
bracket moving on the frame. The drivers side was slightly worse than the 
passenger side but both were pretty bad. With Rick at the welder everything was 
cleaned up to provide clean metal for welding and then the cracks were welded. 
As an extra measure of strength the bottom 8 inches of the d!
 ifferential bracket was boxed in.
 Before the repair we pulled down on the body to see what was happening and it 
was clear that as the suspension deflected downward the shock bracket traveled 
towards the back of the car, putting a great deal of stress on the differential 
bracket. Now I wont pretend that my frame was newly replaced or that it is 
perfect or has never had any rust on it. But I think it is typical of what you 
might find for a 35 year old frame and there were no apparent problems at the 
time of the install. 
 Part 2 to follow....
    Aaron Cropley
 71 TR6 (Throttle Body Injection!)
 Topsham, Maine  
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