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More Temp. (and smoke) Problem Details

To: "Tiger's Den" <>,
Subject: More Temp. (and smoke) Problem Details
From: Sage <>
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2003 11:14:02 -0800
Thanks to everyone for the great suggestions so far. Instead of watching 
things from the inside of the Tiger, I started it from dead cold this 
morning and observed things to see the sequence of events. Before 
starting it, I made sure all the hoses were tight, including on the 
heater core, and checked for any evidence of obvious leaks, (none) etc. 
I also made sure the cooling system was full (I topped it off last night 
as it did need some water. It has been using some, and it has not been 
sucking the water back into the cooling system recently from my extra 
overflow tank when the car cools down).

I turned the heater on (valve open), left the heater core cover/latch 
reciever off so I could see and feel the heater core and started the 
car. It warmed up slowly, and leveled off at about 170 degrees for a 
couple of minutes. Heater air temp. was luke warm, not hot, though. 
Then, after two or three minutes, the water temp. shot up, going to 230+ 
on the guage. Air temp from the heater was still only luke warm. There 
was also a very noticable amount of white smoke coming from primarily 
the left (driver's side) exhaust pipe. I normally get a bit of smoke 
from both pipes in the morning when cold, but it goes away after the car 
warms up. This is different, in that this morning there was a lot more 
smoke coming from the left pipe. Also,  the coolant overflowed a bit at 
the same time the temp went way up. Then, pretty suddenly, water temp. 
started dropping and went all the way down to 170-180 (with the 
auxillary fan on), normal for the car in this weather. At the same time 
the water temp. went down to 170, the white smoke from the left pipe 
also went away. I idled the car for about 20 minutes, water temp. stayed 
between 170-180, and no more smoke. Also, as soon as the water temp 
dropped to 170, the heater started blowing hot air, and the heater core 
went from feeling just warm, to hot, as you'd expect with hot water 
running through it.

We'll see if the water from the overflow tank is drawn back into the 
system as it cools now, but I doubt it from recent experience.

Any further comments or ideas out there?

Steve Sage

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