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Re: Rear axle question

To: Alpine List <>
Subject: Re: Rear axle question
From: Jan Servaites <>
Date: Sun, 01 May 2005 20:35:27 -0700
The hub needs to come off to get the seal plate removed (its between the 
hub and the axle bearing). Taking the shafts to a machine shop is risky 
because they will likely mushroom the end of the axle threads and the 
threads will need repair (depending on how bad it mushroomed, I have 
seen much of this happen). The hub puller adds impact & shock to the 
joint which I think helps jar the hub loose. I also doubt that your shop 
will have a powerful enough press to apply the force it takes to remove 
them. This is our puller that the south-western Ohio SAOCA chapter use 
on all our cars.
 If you will be at the Invasion with your car, I'll bring the tools (you 
bring the seal) and I'll swap out the seal at the hotel parking lot. 
We'll have a "Tech Session" on pulling the axle hubs :-)

Jan Servaites (Dayton OH - The Birthplace of Aviation)

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