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"proper" Alpine gearbox on ebay??

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Subject: "proper" Alpine gearbox on ebay??
From: humbersnipe <>
Date: Tue, 10 May 2005 20:50:41 -0500
Hey folks - found this on ebay. It won't fit a Super Snipe or a late 
model Alpine, but it will fit a Humber Hawk and  I think it'll fit a 
Talbot Alpine. I seem to recall one or two Alpines amongst the list, or 
perhaps it's just senile dementia.....

but anyway, ebay item# 7973945766 , a four speed column shift gearbox 
WITH overdrive. The usual "I know NOTHING!" about the seller, just 
happened to spot the item.

Jon Arzt
Omaha, NE  USA

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