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Fw: swing axles (was firestone news)

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Subject: Fw: swing axles (was firestone news)
From: "Dave Whitworth" <>
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 13:17:55 -0500

 This reply is to the topic in general, not Mari's message (I deleted the
original by accident)

 Our very sport has proven that ANY vehicle can be rolled over, given the
 correct circumstances.  Yes, the Explorers and all small SUV's are high CG
 vehicles, with large tires and fairly short wheelbases.  The wrong reaction
 to a highway incident can and will cause a rollover, just as the wrong
 reaction to a spin in autocross can also cause one.

 There is a risk to driving down the highway at 80mph, and that risk is
 increased if you are in a high CG vehicle and have the poor driving skills
 that many drivers have, however is that the fault of the company that sold
 the vehicle?

 Bases on the information that I have seen regarding the Firestone tires,
 there is a problem with said tires.  Congressional hearings won't help
 remedy this problem, neither will new laws.  Market forces can and will
take care of this problem.  Do you think Firestone has sold many new tires
since this happened?

We shouldn't let our opinions against "SUV's" lull us into letting the
 government be involved in more of our lives.  I suspect that if there was
 pending legislation against racing cars, we would all be fighting very hard
 against it, and there would be people on the other side who don't know
 anything about racing fighting for it because they just don't like race
 (or see the need for them)

 I'm sure there are many differing opinions on this, however no private
 flames please!


BTW -  This message appears non auto-x related, but is in response to all
the "anit-SUV" content on the list.  Just expressing my opinion all at once

2000 Explorer Tow Vehicle (With Firestone Tires :( )

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> Subject: Re: swing axles (was firestone news)
> > On Wed, 27 Sep 2000 08:30:52 -0700 "Bruce Haden" <>
> > writes:
> > > Back 10 years or so ago when
> > > Consumer Reports was making a big deal out of Jeep Wranglers rolling
> > > over a lot, it was pointed out, very quietly, by a couple of
> > > brave reporters, that Bronco IIs rolled more frequently than Jeeps.
> >
> > Wasn't it the Sukuki Samurai, not the Wrangler?  (The lawsuit Sukuki
> > filed against Consumer Reports is still pending, BTW.)
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