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Will's TD questions

Subject: Will's TD questions
From: Doug Phillips <>
Date: Tue, 08 Nov 1994 08:43:09 -0400 (EDT)

I echo Chip Old's sentiments on TD ownership. I live in the Berkshire mountains
of N.W. Massachusetts and the factory rear ratio is ideal for pulling our big 
hills -- but not for flat interstates. I find the suspension/steering/brakes 
more than adequate, and in fact I value their predictablity. I'm a wimp - I 
drive it only on sunny days, never in the rain. My car is not a driver, I keep 
it for personal enjoyment and car shows. TD's are also relatively easy to work 
on, and if cared for, they are reliable. I just ended the second season of 
owning my '52, and aside from sending out the S.U.'s for a rebuild (the PO's 
restorer rebuilt them improperly) my car is trouble-free. I wouldn't trade it 
for any other LBC - I like the classic T roadster styling (OK - maybe someday 
I'll trade up to a Cobra, after putting the kids through college...)
I don't know much about current TD prices, but I'd be happy to send you a copy 
of the classified section of the latest TS0 ("The Sacred Octagon" - the 
magazine published for T owners by the New England T Register).  

Oh, and don't use straight 30 weight oil in the crankcase (thanks again Chip 
for your good advice on this - I've changed over to 10W30 detergent).


* Doug Phillips (, MA/ '52 MG TD *

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