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Re: Going racing - tech question

To: Datsun <>
Subject: Re: Going racing - tech question
From: "KC Brager" <>
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 1999 11:57:41 -0600
Usually the tech inspector is a track volunteer who probably raced at some
point in time.  He's going to look the car over for saftey requirements,
both for your saftey and the saftey of the others on the track around you. 
(If there's requirements for saftey wire in certain spots, he'll want to see
it, etc...)
Usually not a big deal unless your protested...

KC Brager
CRA (Central Roadracing Assoc.) WebMaster
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>From: "Kyle Hagemann" <>
>To: "240" <>, <>
>Subject: Going racing - tech question
>Date: Fri, Sep 24, 1999, 10:09 AM

>Hi all:
>D-day is nearly here - the Zbeast hits the track at Thunderhill
>Park.  I'm so stoked I can hardly sit still; only been dying to do
>this since the day I got my first Hot Wheels.
>Anyway, the tech sheet is kinda freakin' me out - I'm unclear on
>what I'm supposed to do.  The sanctioning body is CFRA, FWIW.  The
>sheet refers to a "tech inspector" and has a signature for
>"Inspector" as well as "Owner".  But it tells the owner to
>"...inspect each item... and sign with your initial...."  so what
>does that mean?  Is the inspector someone at the track who will give
>'er the once over, or is the inspector an ASE-certified technician?
>I'm planning on checking the car over myself anyway, so paying
>someone to do so would be overkill.... OTOH, if I'm faced with
>having to pull the wheels off once I get to the track so some
>"Inspector" there can see my brakes, I just as soon do it here and
>now, ya know?
>So, if anyone out there has experience with this stuff, let me know!
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