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Re: Bolt in engine.

Subject: Re: Bolt in engine.
From: Teddy Seidenfeld <>
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 10:22:01 -0500
Dear Karen,

What Paul doesn't realize is that, like any amateur, I need to keep in
practice balancing carbs so that I remember what to do when I work on my

It was nice that this time I was able to do my warm up exercises on an OROC
friend's running SUs.  That's so much more interesting than playing
make-believe with my own, unattached "spares"!

69 2000
Pgh PA

At 07:33 AM 11/22/99 -0500, wrote:
>    I don't think I could ever top finding thread imprints in a piston, but I
>have  a good weekend repair story, ... with a happy ending!   I had
friends over
>Saturday to help get through a few carburetor problems on my 1600.  We
spent the
>first hour cleaning and checking and testing the rear carburetor.  Got
>everything buttoned back up but, when I went to start the car, .... I had a
>sudden memory flash that it was the FRONT carb that was the problem, .... or
>maybe it was the gas pouring out the FRONT overflow that gave it away!!  You
>understand, right?  A guy can get forgetful once and a while.
>   Well, after a good laugh we tore into the front carb and got it fixed
>We decided the rear carb was a great practice run!  Then the Uni-Sync came
>and Teddy performed his magic balancing the carbs.  Finished the day off
with a
>great dinner and conversation.
>Special thanks to Teddy who drove in from Pittsburgh for the afternoon and
>allowed me to pick parts off his spare SU to get mine back running, and
also to
>Vic, my Alfa buddy, for not laughing too hard!
>Please respond to
>cc:    (bcc: Paul L Kort/Picker)
>Subject:  Bolt in engine.
>Hey, I just found out that someone dropped a bolt in my engine for the
>new roadster I just purchased!! Took off the head and found a imprint of
>threads on the head and the piston!! Not good, huh? Well, that's what I
>did this weekend.......can anyone beat that one??
>Pomona, CA

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