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seat mounting

Subject: seat mounting
From: "Hoaglan, Dean C" <>
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2002 19:24:05 -0700
No, not what you're thinking, Reno. :)

I pulled out my passenger seat over the weekend to do some work under the dash, 
and found the PO had moved the seat back
about an inch and a half.  No problem for me, I can still reach the pedals.  
But he used nuts and regular flat washers
to hold the seats in.  Seems like there should at least be some bigger washers, 
or backing plates to keep the seats from
fatiguing the floor and/or ripping through the floorboards in an accident.  Are 
the regular flat washers (about 0.5"
dia) stock? Anybody recommend anything different?

Thanks, as ever.


66 project

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