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Re: Autoweek 1969 2000

Subject: Re: Autoweek 1969 2000
From: Dennis Currington <>
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2003 00:31:17 -0800 wrote:

>This week's issue of Autoweek Escape Roads March 17th, has a story about Bob 
>Bondurant and his school, and features a photo of a gorgeous white 1969 2000. 
> It ends "but the 2000's handling is terrific, and it leaves us thinking what 
>a great ride it would make for a vintage race car."
>Amen to that.
>Gary C

Nice article on the Roadster, too bad they didn't mention that it was 
built by CDM.

This car, along with the 240Z is on display in Bondurant's Museum 
located at the school.

I have posted the Autoweek Online article on the CDM website along with 
a couple photos taken right after Les delivered the car to Bob.

Go to the   and click on the Autoweek 
Online link.


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