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Re: Autoweek 1969 2000

To: Dennis Currington <>
Subject: Re: Autoweek 1969 2000
From: Vicki Burrows <>
Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2003 10:22:11 -0800
I would love to read and see this, but I am not able to get to the website for
some reason, either through the link or if I type it in manually... says that it
is not available on this server or some kinda thing... suggestions?
Greg Burrows

Dennis Currington wrote:

> wrote:
> >This week's issue of Autoweek Escape Roads March 17th, has a story about Bob
> >Bondurant and his school, and features a photo of a gorgeous white 1969 2000.
> > It ends "but the 2000's handling is terrific, and it leaves us thinking what
> >a great ride it would make for a vintage race car."
> >
> >Amen to that.
> >
> >Gary C
> >
> Nice article on the Roadster, too bad they didn't mention that it was
> built by CDM.
> This car, along with the 240Z is on display in Bondurant's Museum
> located at the school.
> I have posted the Autoweek Online article on the CDM website along with
> a couple photos taken right after Les delivered the car to Bob.
> Go to the   and click on the Autoweek
> Online link.
> Dennis

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