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[Roadsters] 67 1/2 1600 for sale - Modesto,

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Subject: [Roadsters] 67 1/2 1600 for sale - Modesto,
From: Kevin Koskela <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2009 08:01:43 -0700
Anyone in the Northern California / Modesto area looking for a clean 
roadster?  I'm looking to sell the "green machine" in the next two weeks 
if [possible and will accept offers below my $6400 asking price.  I've 
also just put new tires on the car and it handles even better.  Should 
have done that awhile ago!

You can see my ad and some pictures here:

It's in great shape as you can see from the pictures.  It would be a 
nice car for someone who wanted to get into the Datsun Roadster scene as 
the car is solid mechanically and comes with a bunch of spare parts that 
I have collected over the years.

The title is clean. I've had the car for about 10 years and bought it 
from a friend of mine when he moved to PA. He had it for probably about 
10 years before me. The car has been professionally painted and is a 
metallic racing green color. Looks better in person than on the 
pictures. I've had the interior professionally restored and had a roll 
bar and head rests from another Datsun roadster installed. Also, the 
interior is done in leather with very nice carpets. I had a new soft top 
installed at the same time. The car has been garaged the whole time and 
is super clean - no rust. The soft top looks pretty much brand new. Some 
of the other new parts are a restored (new) radiator, a newly machined 
cylinder head, and a few other odds and ends. It is mostly original.

One other thing is I have about 10 boxes of spare parts - a little of 
just about everything. For my full price, you can have any or all of 
these parts you want. I will be selling whatever the buyer of this car 
doesn't want on ebay. There is easily over $1000 of parts here including 
some hard to find latches and extra soft top frame and a bunch of 
gauges. Also, I have 95% of a spare engine that could be used to build a 
stroker (bored out) motor if one wanted to.

Call or email with questions.

(209) 743-9757 (cell)
Support Team.Net

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