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Re: Carb cut-out

Subject: Re: Carb cut-out
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 11:42:54 EST
I have run mine for 8 years and finally looked at the float pivots a couple 
of years ago. They were worn badly oversized. Likely, I never ever had a good 
float setting. I drilled out round and went with oversized pin. 

Never a big problem to begin with, but I dont remember a single stumble last 

But I have been a bit lucky....


<< Sure. I know exactly what the problem is. I race a TR4 and it had 
Strombergs on
 it. I was determined to make them work. I got the car to really haul down the
 straightaways but for four years I had the problem you describe. I finally 
 it out.
 The pivot for the floats is on the right hand side of the carbs. That means 
 when you make a left hand turn, the gas sloshes to the right, the floats drop
 down, and the fuel pump pumps gas right through the float chamber and out 
into the
 throats. The engine goes rich and will hardly run for a few seconds. Very 
hard to
 detect, because even an exhaust gas temp gauge won't react quickly enough to 
 what's happening . The mixture corrects before the gauge will respond.
 We tried everything we could think of but never overcame this basic design 
 We solved the by going to S.U.'s. If you come up with a way to fix the 
 with the Strombergs, I'd sure like to hear about it, just to satisfy my 
 I'd also apply it to my street TR6, which does exactly the same thing.
 uncle jack
 The Attorney General advises that vintage racing may be hazardous to your 

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