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Re: Carb cut-out

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Subject: Re: Carb cut-out
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Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 08:55:20 -0800
Having had this same problem eons ago, I did find that restricting the droop
of the float fixed the problem. Can't remember exactly but comes mind
epoxying a stop to the bottom of the chamber did the job.
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Subject: Re: Carb cut-out

> wrote:
> >     Evening folks,
> >         Anyone out there experience with Strombergs, cutout @ high G
left hand
> >         turns? I'm running a GT6 & am told to switch to SU "GIF". I'd
> > not
> >         but ... Am told there may be a venting mod that might correct
> >         Any thoughts?   Kevin/RMVR
> Sure. I know exactly what the problem is. I race a TR4 and it had
Strombergs on
> it. I was determined to make them work. I got the car to really haul down
> straightaways but for four years I had the problem you describe. I finally
> it out.
> The pivot for the floats is on the right hand side of the carbs. That
means that
> when you make a left hand turn, the gas sloshes to the right, the floats
> down, and the fuel pump pumps gas right through the float chamber and out
into the
> throats. The engine goes rich and will hardly run for a few seconds. Very
hard to
> detect, because even an exhaust gas temp gauge won't react quickly enough
to show
> what's happening . The mixture corrects before the gauge will respond.
> We tried everything we could think of but never overcame this basic design
> We solved the by going to S.U.'s. If you come up with a way to fix the
> with the Strombergs, I'd sure like to hear about it, just to satisfy my
> I'd also apply it to my street TR6, which does exactly the same thing.
> --
> uncle jack
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