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Re: welded difs

Subject: Re: welded difs
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 19:03:26 EDT
Evening Folks,  Just wanted to mention I was one of Curry's gang of five in 
on the latest Quaife purchase. I finally got the oppurtunity to run mine @ 
Second Creek,
a twisty little course here in COLO. w/ RMVR. I found that after a bit the 
real smooth & predictable as opposed to the welded (very limited slip) diff. 
I do have
a few  words of caution however. Be sure to check hole dimensions on Quaife's 
flange that bolts to the carrier. Some of us had unacceptable tolerances 
there & not
the dowel affect one would expect. Cost me another bill to get bolts made up    
but am sure glad I did with the pounding it received this 105 deg. weekend! 
                        Have fun with it!
                        Kev Lynch GT6  

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