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TR6 Flywheel

Subject: TR6 Flywheel
Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2001 13:38:02 EDT
There are a myriad of combinations, depending on from where you start from.

You are starting from early TR4 to later is my list, if I 
dont forget something:

If you cant find later flywheel, like a TR4A or TR6, drill the old one...I 
did. Iowa machine shop price about $35. I know of no reason why TR6 flywheel 
will not work....???

Tr250 Transmission will fit....if you have earlier transmission there would 
be some changes you need to make on that to conver to diaphragm type clutch.

Sometimes there is a difference in the length of the slave cylinder push rod, 
but I forget what dictates that change.

Unless it is the earlier (shrouded) starter for TR3A, the starter motor 
should work. For racing, my preference now is the reduction starter.

There LUK clutch kits here locally if you need cover/clutch/TO brg/locating 
tool. I have 800 number. Price is right and there are two on the shelf. A 
friend is stocking them for Jack & I.  

> I have been receiving conflicting advice from a couple of sources and I would
> appreciate it if anyone can tell me for sure whether a TR6 flywheel will 
> fit a
> TR4 crank.
> And, if it will fit, will the TR4 starter engage the teeth on the TR6 ring
> gear.
> Will the TR4 transmission input shaft work with the TR6 flywheel and TR6
> clutch disc & pressure plate?
> Are the transmissions (complete) from the TR3/TR4/TR250/TR6 really
> interchangeable?  I have a TR4 transmission and a TR250 transmission.  Will 
> I
> have a problem interchanging them without changing the clutch?
> Would my best bet be to have my TR4 flywheel drilled to accept a TR6 
> pressure
> plate?
> Lots of perhaps dumb questions, but I really would appreciate it if anyone
> could answer from personal experience.
> Thanks,
> Mike Rose

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