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Re: TR6 Flywheel

To: "Mike Rose" <>, "1FOT" <>
Subject: Re: TR6 Flywheel
From: Henry Frye <>
Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2001 13:58:54 -0400
At 11:11 AM 10/27/01 -0400, Mike Rose wrote:
>I have been receiving conflicting advice from a couple of sources and I would
>appreciate it if anyone can tell me for sure whether a TR6 flywheel will fit a
>TR4 crank.

Not sure, but I do not think they were interchangeable.

>And, if it will fit, will the TR4 starter engage the teeth on the TR6 ring 

See cop out answer above.

>Will the TR4 transmission input shaft work with the TR6 flywheel and TR6
>clutch disc & pressure plate?

Again, see cop out answer above.

>Are the transmissions (complete) from the TR3/TR4/TR250/TR6 really
>interchangeable?  I have a TR4 transmission and a TR250 transmission.  Will I
>have a problem interchanging them without changing the clutch?

Ah, something I can comment on with direct knowledge. Yes, the gearboxes 
are pretty much interchangeable. Just to make things interesting there are 
a few caveats.

The TR3 boxes without the first gear syncro are slightly shorter, so the 
rear gearbox mount will not line perfectly. But it will work.

Make sure you use the correct throw out bearing/carrier. There are two 
types, the type for the finger clutch (stock TR2-TR4) and the type for the 
diaphragm clutch.

I would not plan on using the finger style clutch in a racer. Dick Naze 
just found out why. I wonder how his foot is doing? I agree with Joe 
Alexander, from everybody I have talked to the LuK clutch is the way to go.

The other problem with interchanging the gearboxes is the nub on the end of 
the input shafts (the part that goes in the pilot bearing) for the TR2-4 
gearboxes is longer than the TR5-6 gearboxes. I have seen input shafts from 
the 4 cylinder gearboxes hacked off to fit the 6 cylinder cars, a practice 
that does work but is less than pretty.

Using the 6 cylinder gearbox in a 4 cylinder car can be problematic as the 
input shaft nub does not fully engage the pilot bearing. It will work, for 
a while.

Very easy way to tell what input shaft is in the gearbox. The long nub (4 
cylinder) box will rock when set on it's bellhousing, the shot nub (6 
cylinder) box will sit flat on the floor.

>Would my best bet be to have my TR4 flywheel drilled to accept a TR6 
>pressure plate?

That is what I did, worked fine.

But, I would really like to see a few more folks step up and show interest 
in the flywheel project Jack put together with Southwick. We are a few 
short of the minimum number required to get the Bridgeport humming...

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