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Re: dyno testing in Grassroots Motorsports

Subject: Re: dyno testing in Grassroots Motorsports
Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2001 00:16:53 EST
In a message dated 11/3/01 7:26:45 AM Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< When you are done with the Tr-3 how about doing the forgotten Triumph 
 I think with the New technology out there that the Gt-6 can really be made 
 into a killer car. I am sure any one of the Gt-6 owners in FOT would be 
 willing to do some testing with their cars. There is nothing like the howl 
 of well tuned Gt-6 two liter engine.
                            72 E-Prod Gt-6 >>
Andy,   I think there are more than a few here in the Rocky Mountain region 
that        would second that!  You Go "Whitedog" !!
                            Kev Lynch
                            67' GT-6 RMVR  E/P

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