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New Member Bio

Subject: New Member Bio
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002 08:46:15 EDT
Hello to all FOT members

JR Herrera was kind enough to nominate me and my thanks go to him as well as 
those of you that seconded the nomination. Here is a brief bio on my TR250, 
comm # CD7949L.

I purchased the car in ratty condition in 1981. Since that time it has been a 
rolling restoration and has been in several configurations including pure 
stock to auatcross car, back to pure stock and now conversion to a vintage 
racer. While I have owned other Triumphs and an MGB during this time, the 250 
remains the one car I can't part with. I have completed all of the work 
myself including mechanical, body and frame welding.

Current non stock mods include the S2 cam, 10 to 1 compression, header, 
Compomotive wheels, front and rear sway bars, Nylon bushings, shortened HD 
road springs, 6 point bar, electronic ignition, aluminum radiator shroud, 
racing windscreen and a number of other small changes. The non-OD 
transmission and rear end remain stock. My goal continues to be to keep the 
car street legal with most road equipment (interior, window glass, etc) while 
making race modifications consistent with those of the late 1960's.

I am still running the Strombergs but have purchased a pair of SU's for 
conversion this winter. Other plans for the coming months include:

       Porting of the head
       .410 rear-end
       Limited slip - if the budget allows
       Regearing of the transmission
       OD unit - is there one out there priced reasonably?
       Camshaft upgrade

As I write this I am getting ready to drive the 250 to VIR for the SVRA 
Season Finale. I hope to see some of you there!

Leo Oddi

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