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Re: Cats and Cranks

Subject: Re: Cats and Cranks
From: "Jack W. Drews" <>
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 13:52:34 -0600
>Moldex sez they really can deliver a crank in 8-10 weeks! Am I fooling 
>myself to believe this? They offer 2 different sizes of rear crank seal 
>(both rubber lip styles). 2.500" and 2.520" are the 2 choices. I have 
>always run the scroll seal, so have no experience with either of these 
>seal,...I have come to the fountain of knowlege for a 
>taste...who has feedback on these seals? Who knows where the 2 different 
>seals are sold? Who makes 'em? What are the seals from? Which seal is 
>easier to find? etc etc
>Gettin a little cranky over this myself...
>         Nick in Nor Cal

These seals are sold in the U.S. by British Frame and Engine ($125) and by 
Moss (TR3 - 4 catalog page 71, $129.95) and maybe others of which I'm 
unaware. There appears to be two manufacturers, both in Great Britain, and 
one of the manufacturers told me that the Moss kit is a knockoff of the 
other kit.

Both kits use the same split seal insert.

The dimension to which the crank is to be turned was 2.500 for several 
years. After I had several problems with them, and discovered that the 
neoprene seal itself sometimes had an I.D. of 2.500" resulting in no lip 
seal tension, the manufacturer of the kit changed the crank dimension to 
2.520. That should help. There are other tricks that can be employed in 
assembling them that may also help make them seal 100%.

I have measured every dimension on the aluminum housings from both sources 
and I use the one from BFE.

uncle jack

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