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TR7/TR8 Racecar Photographs Wanted

Subject: TR7/TR8 Racecar Photographs Wanted
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 18:49:14 EST
       I am interested in photographs with very good definition of the 
following cars:

       Huffaker TR7s (Not sure whether they had TR8)
       Group 44, TR7, TR8 (TR7V8) TransAm, TR8 (TR7V8)  IMSA
       Slagle TR7 & TR8 (Coupe & Convertible)
       Buffum TR& & TR8 (TR7V8) (Including factory rally car)
       Woodner TR8 (TR7V8) 

       I would also be interested in any articles written about these cars 
and/or events in which the cars were involved.

       Please contact me offline. 


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