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TR IRS Thoughts

Subject: TR IRS Thoughts
Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2004 18:04:59 EST
Winter has caused me to ponder numerous "what if's" on the rear end set up of 
my TR 250. We all know the issues with toe-in gains and the resultant need 
for a firm spring and shock set-up. Being a novice in suspension geometry, I 
wondering why Triumph, and other manufacturers didn't use a modified front 

The unequal length A arm design certainly would eliminate the toe gain and 
provide a stable platform for adjustment. A vertical link similar for that in a 
Spit or GT 6 would be needed of course, and some redesign of the rear frame 
section and parcel shelf. Is there a design issue that prohibited this? Did the 
need for on road safety mandate the toe-in gain? Did any modified racers avery 
create something like this? Or, and probably likely, am I all wet?

I can't make these types of changes on my car and remain legal but the 
thought does interest me. 

Leo Oddi
TR 250 #68, SVRA, VDCA

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