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VDCA at the ITC at ViR

Subject: VDCA at the ITC at ViR
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 08:38:13 EDT
Henry, does this mean that you will return for ITC in June?

The numbers have been reduced, but the Brits will still make a presence at 

Barring any surprises, Gentleman Jack Wheeler will occupy the Pace Car for 
the ITC.

TRF will supply the TRS once again.

PA Triumphs will do morning hospitality, once again...perhaps with a high 
calory surprise.

Paul Richardson has expressed an interest in coming, but has not confirmed. I 
hope he does.

Of course, you can expect the Midwest Agrarian Group enforce.

One young lady will be there with a thermometer, poised for use right after 
her race.

etc, etc.

> All I can say is now I know what the fuss is about. VIR is an incredible 
> track.

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