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Re: VDCA at VIR and track critters

To: Henry Frye <>
Subject: Re: VDCA at VIR and track critters
From: Larry Young <>
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 20:21:53 -0500
I think it's time we create a log of track critter hazards.  I'll start:
    Mid-Ohio - skunks
    Texas World Speedway - armadillos
    Hallet - turtles
    VIR - turkeys

You probably saw the article in Victory Lane about the armadillo run 
down by an Allard.  The corner workers asked the owner how he wanted it 
barbequed.  In Texas, they barbeque anything that isn't moving, so don't 
sit still too long.

Henry Frye wrote:

>  I don't know about hares, but a very brave turkey wandered out on to 
> the track in front of me too close for comfort, luckily no splat was 
> recorded by my car.

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