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Re: Paul Newman, Lime Rock

Subject: Re: Paul Newman, Lime Rock
Date: Sun, 6 Jun 2004 16:54:00 EDT
I've posted some pics from Lime Rock, my second home, at my .net site
_www.cwnicholls.net_ (  
Very interesting bonnett prop on Joe's car, I must say!
along with other pics....
Welcome PLN, I donated a couple of pics to the FOT site of him in the TR6  
More to come!
Off to Montreal this week for the GP....

74 Spitfire, 71 Stag
"Reality... it's  not what you think"
Clark W. Nicholls 
_www.cwnicholls.com_ (  
fax: 419-844-7564  (yes, 419 provided free by
phone:  413-243-3433

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