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Re: Watkins Glen - Nope, Roebling Road - YES!

Subject: Re: Watkins Glen - Nope, Roebling Road - YES!
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2004 15:34:48 EDT

Thanks for the update on the Glen. With the Summit Point event canceled I had 
a dilemma for a while as to where to burn my gas but I selected the SCCA/VDCA 
event at Roebling Road last weekend. Unlike the glen, we had 7 20 minute 
sessions on Friday's test and tune at a cost of $125 per car. The Saturday and 
Sunday race weekend, at another $175, included a morning practice, a qualifying 
session and a 7 lap race. On Sunday we had the standard practice and a 19 lap 
race. Total Cost $300.

While the fields were small, due to Frances and maybe Ivan having their way 
with Florida, the combination of great weather and lo cost made the 8 hour pull 
well worthwhile. Don Marshall (TR4) and I (TR250) fought a Shelby GT 350, a 
pair of Alfa GTVs, a trio of 911's and several of Collin Chapman's creations to 
good effect.

This event is typical for VDCA, low-key fun that is high on the track-time 
scale. I recommend it strongly to any racer that can manage a trip to the 
Southeast in mid-September.

Leo Oddi
#68 TR250 

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