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Re: Nomination

To: "Jack W. Drews" <>, <fot@Autox.Team.Net>,
Subject: Re: Nomination
From: "Charly Mitchel" <>
Date: Sun, 3 Oct 2004 08:49:08 -0700
I'd second the nomination of Mark Young.
Where is Mark from?   I live in the Pacific NW and maybe can assist him in
locating a Triumph.

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From: "Jack W. Drews" <>
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Sent: Sunday, October 03, 2004 9:03 AM
Subject: Nomination

> Mark York, a long time owner of TR's in the Pacific Northwest, is looking
> for a TR to race. He should be on this list, methinks, so we can
> collectively lead him astray. Mark Bradakis, I nominate Mark York for the
> list -- he even has a familiar first name, huh?
> uncle jack

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