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POV on Future FOT Events

To: fot@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: POV on Future FOT Events
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 21:41:34 EDT
I have read the posts on this subject so far and I can agree with both points 
of view. Track time is important to me, I won't deny it. The VDCA does a 
great job of providing value and camaraderie. SVRA provides the larger fields 
the more varied competitors that come with it. Both are enjoyable. 

As for the festival events, I do avoid them, mainly because I "think" they 
will fail to deliver on the two types of events I enjoy. I would like to see 
festival events modeled on the VIR Gold Cup where they have struck the 
balance. All that being said, I am on the list as a probable for Atlanta. If 
value factor is out of whack when the preliminary schedule comes out I might 
rethink my plans. If I have to travel on Wednesday instead of Thursday I will 
to do the same. In the mean time I am on the list since I would like to race 
on that track and because I will be in great company. Nuff said on Atlanta.

Regarding future events, I will rely on the more experienced members of the 
group to lead the way. I will attend any annual FOT event that I can.

Leo Oddi
TR 250 #68, VDCA & SVRA 

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