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Events and such

Subject: Events and such
From: "Mark J. Bradakis" <>
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 22:14:04 -0600
I've been a bit amused by the recent string of messages lamenting the
overcrowded, minimal track time, minimal paddock space, high profile
events.  One of my projects over the last couple of days has been
getting out a quick newsletter about this month's IVR events.  You've
probably read my past weeping and wailing about IVR weekends, and the
small turnouts and how we're struggling just to break even.

We're lucky to get half a dozen starters for the wheel to wheel sessions.
I can't even imagine what it would be like to have half a dozen different
race groups.  Then again, if we had that many entrants, I'd probably
have some help and wouldn't have to do it all myself!

Events like IVR race weekends have some good points, and some bad.  The good
points are a relaxed, casual and friendly atmosphere, all the track time
you can use, fun saturday night barbeques, all for the whopping weekend
entry fee of $75!  In spite of the amount of work involved for me, I enjoy
the weekends.

Bad points are we are racing on a "track" that consists of basically a
mile long course marked out by cones on a vast slab of old concrete.
You gotta keep an eye out for potholes.  And there isn't much real
competition to race against when the entry field consists of a few
first generation RX7s, a couple of way fast Corvettes, an old guy
in a 1970 Camaro, a NASA AIS Mustang and a Pinto powered Mustang.
Quite a difference in lap times across the field.

In truth, if I actually put a race motor instead of the F Street
Prepared autocross motor in Killer, (this winter, honest!) I could
give the Mustang a run for his money, and the one RX7 as well.  The
old guy in the Camaro tends to be a rolling road block, but if you
stay right in his mirror for a lap or so he'll overcook it going into
a corner, slide or spin and you can easily breeze by.  And two of the
RX7s are almost identical, built by the same guy, and both driven by
someone named Dave.  Those two will go a 20 minute session and never
get more than 10 - 20 feet from each other.  I need another Spitfire
driver to show up so we can race like that.

In spite of the drawbacks and adverse conditions of IVR, I must think it
worthwhile because I still do it.  Somebody has to try and keep wheel to
wheel sports car racing alive in Utah until we get a real track, and I
guess for the moment that's me.


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