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Re: 50 series tires-cages

Subject: Re: 50 series tires-cages
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2004 00:51:36 EDT
All this brings to mind  SCCA's requirements for ArmorGuard @ all our corner 
stations  (or at least that's the rumor) @ Pueblo Motor Sports facility. Just 
another over-kill idea  (according to our own marshalls including me ) that 
man those very stations.  It appears this particular group  thinks the cost 
just bloom in "Ben Franklins" come Spring. My apologies to officials past and 
present, but to add an already top-heavy financial caveat to this particular 
locale (safe as it is) has been regarded as ludicrous!  And just to be clear, 
our Marshall's safety has never come with a price tag.  

K Lynch

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