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RE: Diff Woes

To: "'Jerry Barr'" <>,
Subject: RE: Diff Woes
From: Bill Babcock <>
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2004 17:59:12 -0800
FOT to the rescue again!!! Thanks for the inspiration--I don't have a giant
c clamp, but I have a 20 ton press.  I stuck the diff in it and squished it
until I could lever the diff out. I found out why my usual efforts didn't
work. As you folks might recall I had a problem with the axle tubes
spreading last racing season. I pounded them in, drilled and installed
harder bolts and eventually welded the tubes to the banjo housing. Well, I
must have been a little too enthusiastic on the right side, because the tube
end is standing a bit proud of the case. Just enough to press on the bearing
and make it very hard to remove. I had to squish the case more than I like,
but it sprung back. That's really a great way to do it. 

Oh well. I'll have to grind out the weld, pull the bolts, tap the tube back
and reweld. At least this time I can do it on the bench so it won't look
like seagull sh*t. 

Sure is nice having a lathe and mill. I bought one of those Taskmaster
bridgemill thingies. It's reasonably priced for so much cast iron and
actually quite good. I've seen the three in one deals before that were
really crap, but this one has good ways and is very precise. Some of my old
high school shop stuff is coming back. I made some rally nice spacers this
afternoon to maintain the location of the rear spring perches (the springs
were working off the bushings). I get the feeling I might be
throttle-steering Peyote a little hard. 

Anyway, the parts came out very nice. This thing even comes with all the
stuff installed to use it for CAM. All you need to add is the stepper motors
and the computer interface. I think I'll hold off on that until I remember
how to keep the tool holder from running into the chuck. 

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I use a giant "C" clamp that has a shielded screw. I clamp the "C" 
clamp in the vice then squeeze it with the clamp. This is one big clamp and
has enough power to spread the differential.

Jerry Barr
On Nov 28, 2004, at 11:33 AM, Jack W. Drews wrote:

> The local shop that does my diff work has a spreader that works on TR 
> diffs. It must be fairly universal since they don't work on any other 
> foreign cars.
> At 11:22 AM 11/28/2004, greg wrote:
>> Bill,
>>      Find someone who does Volvo or early Jeep work. The case 
>> spreaders for those rear ends - Dana 30? - are useable for the TR.
>> Greg
>> Bill Babcock wrote:
>>> I'm trying to pull my differential from the housing. In the past 
>>> I've been able to do this without the factory spreader--it just 
>>> takes some wiggling and patience. But this time it won't come out. I 
>>> suspect that when Mr.
>>> Yarwood stuck my new LSD in he shimmed it tighter than I usually do. 
>>> I made
>>> a homemade spreader and tried that, but no go. All I can get it to 
>>> do is shift a tiny bit, and that after I looped a cable behind the 
>>> diff and set up a lever contraption to put a mighty tug on it. Any 
>>> ideas?
> uncle jack

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