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Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 21:16:33 EST
Leo Oddi, TR250 (#68), Virginia
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....hits another home run! 

Just got my new issue and a bonus calendar. 

Richard Taylor is in the centerfold. It's just a little one...the picture.

Lots of Triumph stuff in there again, including information on the MG/TR 

The MG guys that are planning to run the MG/TR Challenge are prominently 
listed in the magazine. Where are we?  I suppose this is my fault.

OK...let's get our name in print in the next CMS.  If you have any inkling 
that you are going to be at Road Atlanta, send an e-mail to the list, so every 
body can see. Name-Car-State is all I need. If you think a non-FoT lister is 
going to run, submit his name. I'll start it off:

Joe Alexander       Triumph TR4      Jesup, Iowa 

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