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Re: Possibility of rebirth of Triumph?

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Subject: Re: Possibility of rebirth of Triumph?
From: "Rocky Entriken" <>
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 17:18:48 -0600
If the new Triumph from BRM truly evoked the TR3 (as the new Mini nicely 
evoked the old while still being modern) then TR3C would seem apropos.

But why stop there?

A new line of cars, with more "Triumph" lines than the Z-series BMW, would 
be nice even if on BMW platforms. And to me that evokes the TR4-5-6 more 
than the 7-8. Then, since this is the 21st century (years beginning 20..) 
begin a new numbering line with TR20, TR21, etc.

(Why skip over TR9? -- because there was a TR10 so we need to get past 

And while they're at it, how about a new line of Spitfires? Engines in the 
1400-1600 range but with OD so they are friendlier on the 

Dream big.

--Rocky (Spitfire guy)

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Subject: Possibility of rebirth of Triumph?

>I had the chance to have dinner with Tom Purvis, president of BMW a couple 
> nights ago.
> As some may know, he hails from Rover and is quite the British car
> enthusiast. I mentioned that I race a TR3 and he admitted a special 
> fondness
> for that
> car. He quickly reminded me that BMW owns the rights to the Triumph name 
> and
> hinted that there had been some discussion about bringing the Triumph name
> back
> from the dead. I suggested a retro TR3 looking car based on the BMW Z-4 
> with
> the 2.0 liter four cylinder BMW uses in Europe, since the original TR3 had 
> a
> 2.0
> liter four cylinder.
> Without putting to many words in his mouth he seemed genuinely interested 
> in
> this idea and wanted to talk about it further. I told him a year from now,
> once the enormity of the new retro Mustangbs success was obvious, would 
> be a
> good
> time to discuss this whole idea some more.
> What do you guys think? Would you buy it? What should it cost? Should it 
> be
> called the TR1 since the name was never really used or the TR9? Tom 
> mentioned
> the enormity of setting up the MINI dealer network and building a new 
> brand
> image. What if BMW started a sort of BMC or British Leyland division again 
> and
> lumped Triumph in with MINI?
> Let's get some dialog going on this and I will get back with Tom Purvis. 
> As
> it will be easier to get him to our message board, than to get him to join 
> and a message board is easier to keep organized than a million emails, I 
> have
> started a thread on our message board:
> Please go here and post your ideas. if you participate in any other 
> Triumph
> boards, groups sites etc, please also see if you can get them to post 
> their
> ideas on this thread. I for one would love a new TR3 looking car with BMW
> performance and build quality. This guy seemed genuinely interested. Heck 
> who
> knows,
> maybe we can change the automotive world with our little club of Triumph
> wackos! Thanks.
> Tim Suddard/Classic Motorsports magazine

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